From the UK, though currently residing in Trieste, Italy, at the end of a Masters course of classical double bass playing, Kevin Reginald Cooke is very actively playing both double-bass and electric bass in orchestral context, as well as for big bands and for various singer/songwriters such as Bill Lee, and Saša Kulenovic. Past collaborations include Daniela Bove, Dan O’Shea, Kim Lowings, Terry Emm, Julia Harris, and Miccoli. Kevin is a Maruszczyk Instruments artist (playing a custom Sputnik 6a-33), & Jim Dunlop Artist (Dunlop Superbright strings and Dunlop Flatwound Strings).

From an early age, Kevin Reginald Cooke was always drawn to the low end of the audio spectrum; at eight years old, he began studying the tuba, soon moved to the bass guitar, and eventually the double bass. Upon finishing school in Milton Keynes, he was already playing in a signed band, Terrapin Trainstation, that drew influences from bands such as The Counting Crows and Lifehouse. During this time he’d already begun solo bass playing and even singing and songwriting at the same time, inspired very much by artists such as Seth Horan and the bass/vocal duo of Steve Lawson and Lobelia.

When moving on to studying double bass, Kevin began taking private lessons with Thomas Martin (ex-principle bassist of the London Symphony Orchestra), and then went on to study with Stefano Sciascia (world renowned soloist) at the Conservatory of Giuseppe Tartini in Trieste, Italy. He is regularly playing as a freelance classical double bass player with various orchestras in the zone.

In 2018, Kevin recorded on the “Let This Fire Burn” EP from Bill Lee, an EP that resulted from the collaboration of 17 different musicians across five tracks, and afterwards became a fixed member of the stabilised band that formed afterwards.